About us

Your gateway to Asian markets

At Vinifield, we specialize in bridging the gap between producers and traders of wine, champagne, and spirits, and the burgeoning markets of Asia. Our mission is to facilitate the export of your esteemed products to Asia, a region renowned for its growing appreciation of fine beverages.

How we propel your business forward:

  1. Commercial representation: Consider us your ambassador in Asia. We represent your brand, ensuring it receives the recognition and placement it deserves in diverse marketplaces across the continent.

  2. Purchase and resale: Our comprehensive approach includes purchasing your products and managing their resale, simplifying the process of entering Asian markets. This model allows for a smoother transition for producers unfamiliar with the intricacies of Asian trade.

  3. Strategic consulting: Leveraging our deep understanding of both the product and the market, we offer tailored consulting services. This includes market entry strategies, branding advice, and insights into consumer preferences, ensuring your brand not only enters but thrives in the Asian market.


Jean-Charles Letellier

CEO / General Manager

Jean-Charles Letellier, known as 佳伟, is an expert in international trade, particularly in the alcoholic beverage market. He is the founder of Vinifield. With a Master's degree in wines and champagne, and a certification in Business Strategy from HEC Paris, he is renowned for his passion for China and his commitment to strengthening Franco-Chinese commercial relations.

Thanks to his influential network in Asia, he has spent a significant part of his career helping French companies successfully export to this dynamic market.

Jean-Charles is regularly sought after by both French and Chinese media to share his expertise on how to succeed in business with the Chinese. His notable appearances on platforms such as BFM TV and China Daily attest to his influence and international reputation. He is an ambassador of Franco-Chinese friendship, a bridge-builder between our cultures, and embodies the spirit of collaboration that defines the 60 years of diplomatic relations between France and China.

He is also Linkedin creator since may 2022, with +24.000 Followers + 3500 subscribers.